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Our CertaForm™ UltraFlex flatwork form has all the qualities needed to speed up jobs and increase your productivity.

CertaForm™ UltraFlex's light weight, flexibility and 12’ length make laying out concrete forms with no kerfing painless. It drills, nails and stakes just like wood (and is compatible with standard lumber sizes), and holds its staked shape during pours.

Its durability shows up in chemical resistance and lack of moisture retention. Plus, it’s reusable—bending easily in either direction—and easy to clean. Use Flexible Flatwork Form for curves or for straightaways.

CertaForm UltraFlex is...


  • Reusable - Use over and over again
  • Convenient Sizing - Nominal 4", 6" and 12" available
  • Lightweight - Easy to handle
  • Flexible - Bends easily in either direction
  • Durable - Drills, nails and stakes just like wood


Product Resources

CertaForm UltraFlex Flyer
CertaForm Ultraflex Flyer Download
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FAD Solutions Guide
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